happy meals

One time a long time back. The year was sometime 1999 -2000ish, I don’t remember. It was in Torrance though and I was shilling gawd-forsaken Gift Certificates to local suckers. I tried to buy a happy meal at the mcdonald’s near there. Because the toy was supposed to be some new Pokémon crap. Upon receipt of goods, they handed me a regular paper bag telling me that they ran out of the happy meal boxes. I knew that was bull shit as I saw a bunch of already made boxes in the back. I didn’t fight it. I took the sad sack and left. Back then I was annoyed because I didn’t get a stupid box I was going to throw away anyways. As I sit here thinking. Today if I ever went and tried to get a happy meal I’d want in in a paper bag. the box serves no purpose. Ive gotten over you box. rest in piece.

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