middle school concert/jazz bands

when I was in middle school. (I used to think that jr high sounded so much cooler though. just because it had the word high. like high school. anyways.) I was in the school concert band and Jazz band.

Originally my plan was that I would learn typing/programming. I then thought I would then learn about other classic occupations like metal fabrication,  (my father was a ship welder in the ports of Louisiana when I was a baby, so this sounded cool at the time) and or woodworking (PBS had many shows like this old house, watching those shows were so much fun). I actually did take typing but was immediately bored after the first day.

Because typing was so boring I then thought, since I had played in elementary a brass instrument, it would be fun to pick this up again. So through out the entire time I was in middle school I was playing.

This meant playing many spring/winter concerts events. I had made many attempts to get first chair but had failed each time. I was told the reason for never succeeding was because I never brought home that heavy ass brass instrument case home to practice. for me it was that the walk was super far. it must have been over a mile, plus I had no energy after walking home in the heat.

I do remember one time I brazenly asked out loud in class after a challenge to the teacher Mr Bigenho. Why was I not chosen as first chair after many flawless challenges. His answer was short. Simple. You never practice every day. Jose, he does. He didn’t want to reward people who didn’t look like they were practicing everyday.

heh. fair enough I thought. for a whole 2 weeks I lugged that box home everyday. I practiced sometimes, making my stepmother go crazy. she hated that thing. no one in that home liked me playing except me. It was so much fun blowing as hard as you can through pursed lips. blatting as loud as I could.

after weeks of practicing. i found myself at first chair. for a day. then that asshole jose challenged me again. fuck you jose. 😀 LOL. it was fun times i can remember. and not once did my parents come to any of my performances. i’ll save that for another time.

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